Job Overview

Job Description:
Want to understand the ins and outs of what goes into preparing your hundreds of online orders? Or how 3PLs play a huge part in prepping the millions of items on Amazon? As a 3PL Operations Coordinator, your duties will allow you to gain firsthand experience on how retailers rely on 3PLs and data to fulfill hundreds and thousands of orders on a single given day. Additionally, you’ll play a critical part in helping clients make strategic business decisions as it relates to their logistics needs.

A successful 3PL Operations Coordinator will work with the operations team, warehouse associates, and team manager to ensure that orders are processed in a timely and cost effective manner, inventory is managed at a high-accuracy level, and efficient operating practices and procedures are developed. This is an immersive position that will expose you to different types of goods while simultaneously providing customer service directly to our clients to administer operations efficacy.

Handle order fulfillment operations, billing, and customer service functions in a timely manner

· Communicate and follow-up with customers on order requests and inquiries

· Coordinate and communicate with transportation vendors to ensure timely and accurate deliveries

· Mediate delivery requirements and shipment tracking between customers, truckers, brokers, warehouse associates, and vendors to ensure proper delivery

· Analyze work processes while doing associated data entry tasks into operating system

· Develop and retain relationships with trucking, warehouse, customs brokers, ports, and other vendors


About Advanced Warehouse Inc.

Advanced Warehouse Inc., is a full-service Third-Party-Logistics (3PL) service provider specializing in cosmetics, foodstuffs, clothing, and home goods. With locations in Central New Jersey and Southern California, AWI works strategically with retailers, startups, and established businesses to provide E-Commerce, Amazon FBA, big-box retailer distribution, and wholesale fulfillment, distribution, and transportation services with the backing of modern technology and our unique, boutique-like service level.