Job Overview

Job Description:
United Growth, LLC is a diverse and dynamic group that owns multiple private labels on Amazon and Shopify. We are also a manufacturing plant that does R & D and mass production of our own products in-house – making us a force to be reckoned with in the world of e-commerce.

This Social Media / Ecommerce Specialist position is perfect for an individual who is looking for an opportunity to learn the behind scenes of brand building, develop a multitude of valuable skill sets, grow their portfolio, and progress in their career.

At United Growth, we value hard work and dedication, but we also love when our employees can freely express themselves, have lots of fun with co-workers and the tasks at hand.


Assist infrequent maintenance of PPC campaigns throughout the day.
Provide a summary of PPC performance at the end of every day, every week, and every month.
Create SEO-optimized descriptions and bullet points for Amazon listings.
Upload and update SKUs, pricing, images, and videos using the bulk Upload Files.
Keep track of FBA inventory stock level and recommend restocking quantity based on selling rate.
Generate FBA shipping labels for Warehouse to fulfill.
Provide clean and clear spreadsheets that easily communicate with employees from other departments.
Social Media

Uphold a high standard for content and branding.
Contribute to strategizing, planning, and executing content to post daily on social media (IG, TikTok, Youtube).
Utilize Canva or any relevant graphic design tools to create enticing posts for social media.
Write captions to go with every post.
Utilize Planoly or similar apps to ensure each brand has enough content to be posted for the next 30 days.
Be a supportive team member to the Visual Content Producers should they need help with modeling, narration, or simply holding something in place while they are photographing.
Consistently reach out to influencers, interested followers, and other brands for partnership and relationship building.
Keep a clean track record of the relationships mentioned above and their discount codes if need be.
Appropriately respond to customer emails/comments/concerns.

Upload or update SKUs, images, videos, and writing copies on our websites.
Appropriately respond to customer emails/comments/concerns.
Offer insightful feedback on what our websites can do to better represent ourselves and communicate with our customers.
Assist in shipping individual website orders should they occur.

Update our company product catalog every now and then.
Keep your office space and product samples clean and organized.
When available, happily assist in tasks that other departments may need help with (within reasons).