Job Overview

Job Description:
We are seeking an experienced inventory & replenishment planner to manage all aspects of our Amazon FBA account from beginning to end. This individual will place purchase orders and track inventory from our overseas warehouse to FBA facilities, handle all maintenance and advertising of our product listings through Amazon Seller Central, and create profit/sales strategies and recommendations based on history, forecasts, and current trends.

Analyze daily/weekly/monthly sales, create demand-based inventory forecasts, and issue replenishment orders for each product listing using sales history, rate of sales, knowledge of advertising, seasonality, and current sales trends. Analyze SKU-level data by tracking product trends, new product performance, and top sellers. Track purchase orders, inventory transfer transactions, and inbound shipments from overseas warehouse. Create shipping plans based on history, forecasts, and Seller Central guidelines/restrictions. Monitor shipment and fulfillment fees which may require opening and managing reimbursement cases for lost shipments and incorrect fees. Research and resolve issues related to timely purchase orders, shipments, and sales. Manage Amazon internal advertising and adjust advertising budget per product to drive sales: managing ratio of costs to profits and optimizing turn on advertising. Create & maintain product listings through Amazon Seller Central for active and discontinued items, as well as new products; resolving listing issues such as missing or incorrect product details, hijacked or closed listings, stranded inventory, IP infringement, etc. Monitor performance and feedback on each listing; investigate claims of customer feedback. Stay up to date on changes and restrictions of Amazon policy and modify listing content and shipping plans accordingly. Collaborate with owner to create monthly profit/sales strategies. Identify areas of liability as well as areas for growth and improvement.


About Benson Mills

Benson Mills, America’s top Table Linens Company, is a family-owned business. Offering the largest and most diverse line of tablecloths and placemats, we are the largest Table Linen Manufacturer in the United States, with a Design Office and Showroom in Manhattan and an office in Brooklyn.