Job Overview

Job Description:
This position is responsible for the ownership of a portfolio of products across all of Exxel Outdoors brands. The Digital Marketplace Coordinator will ensure their day-to-day success including content and creative on the listing, marketing campaign tactics and performance, financial health of the overall business, customer service, inventory management and developing plans for growth. Your success will be based on your intimate knowledge of the ASINs you manage and ability to diagnose issues and develop action plans. Some specific responsibilities include analyzing ASIN level data (sales, conversion rate, page views, clicks, etc.) to determine why certain products are trending up or down, clearly articulate observations and propose strategies to troubleshoot opportunity areas to upper management. The manager will execute day-to-day maintenance of keeping product listings successful on Amazon. This includes monitoring item page quality metrics, optimizing keywords on the front and back ends, understanding market trends, changing customer profiles, demographics, competitive landscape, pricing changes, communicating with customer service teams, and diligent inventory management. Forecasting and planning inventory to ensure we have the right mix of FBA inventory is a critical component of this role. The marketplace manager will produce daily, weekly and monthly reporting for all products with an intense focus on our FBA assortment. The manager will proactively catch issues before they are problems and understand everything about the ecosystem in which our products are selling (e.g., competitor landscape, industry landscape, Amazon marketplace policy changes, etc.)

Optimize Amazon listings to ensure they are meeting performance metric goals.
Track, analyze and deploy digital marketing efforts for Amazon with a focus on ROAS.
Manage forecasting and replenishment for our FBA assortment, after being trained in systems, processes and analysis.
Meet or exceed sales targets through site merchandising, promotional tactics, user experience, product presentation, analysis and overall content management.
Coordinate and manage online content for all Amazon listings in the Exxel portfolio.
Coordinate strategies with DTC eCommerce team, manager and brand marketing managers.
Managing and executing new item setups in Seller Central.
Tracking conversion rates and making improvements to ASINs.
Stay informed of all things Amazon (item setup best practices, policy updates, competitor activity, reviews & ratings) once familiar with processes.
Comfortable delivering informal speeches, reports before audiences and groups both internally and externally.
Other Misc. Duties as assigned.