Job Overview

Job Description:

Oversee a team of 12+ people, 1 warehouse and off-site 3PL Required Skills and Experience:
Own the SKU creation, GS1 UPC and map to warehouse software using SKU Vault.
Overall responsibility of company operations, including internal workflow/paperwork, executions of work in the field, and quality assurance/quality control
Responsible for turning around revenue through enhancements and profit margin improvements of operations and sales
Oversight of the building’s offerings that include, but not limited to, installations, inspections, services, and sales of fire extinguishers, pre-engineered systems, fire sprinkler systems, fire alarm systems, security systems, and monitoring the floor
Ownership of extended inventory cost
Communicate with factories, employees, and business partners to scale operations to adapt to seasonal demand, while minimizing expenses and leakage.
Understand the importance of average/weighted costing; duty, demurrage, FIFO/LIFO, overhead, labor, DOH, turns, inventory levels, etc…
Manage the daily fulfillment related activities pertaining to the packing, labeling, and routing of bulk shipments across various alternative channels such as Amazon Seller Central, Walmart, Target, and other direct-to-consumer websites
Interview, hire, train, coach and mentor employees and the operations management team.
Manage customer chargeback procedures, Amazon returns and inventory waste.
Troubleshoot shipping delays/issues with freight carriers and manage communications
Act as main point of contact between the Warehouse, Sales Team and Management to ensure customer questions are answered in a timely manner
Onboard new retail customers and ensure adherence to shipping/routing guide requirements
Strategically manage and maintain open order report for future shipments to retail customers