Job Overview

Job Description:

Track Efficiencies: You’ll work with Damon, Head of Revenue, to determine accurate goals for both sides of the business: fulfillment + FBA. You will assist employees in creating efficient processes, as well as monitoring overall work ethic
Prioritize: There is a never-ending stream of inbounds, and it will be important for the manager to determine which projects need to be prioritized/completed first.
Organize: Manage the current warehouse organizational system and ensure that associates are following restocking/inbound guidelines
Mentor: Our associates are normally starting their careers, and so this will be an opportunity to work with our associates to determine their future growth potential! You’ll be in charge of hiring your team members and you will be responsible for the output of said team!
Other duties, as they may come up: We are a super-small team, and every once in a while, tasks may not have a dedicated “person” to do them. We all are ready to roll up our sleeves and pitch in. Hopefully, you are, too! 🙂


About Simpl Fulfillment

Simpl Fulfillment launched 7 years ago after the massive transition to online retail. We’re a small, local business and we pride ourselves on our ability to get the job done efficiently. We definitely don’t take ourselves to seriously and love to have a good time while getting sh*t done! We’re tech enabled and work everyday to make our clients’ and employees’ lives more... Simpl. This definitely isn’t the normal warehouse job with awful bosses... If you’re looking for a fun, young team that is driven on hitting goals, working as a team, and having fun... this is for you.