Job Overview

Job Description:

● Amazon (FBA + FBA):

○ Evaluate Nisolo’s current Amazon presence and create a roadmap for improvement (product assortment, ad performance, reporting, etc.).

○ Serve as liaison with our Amazon Agency to optimize brand discoverability and profitability.

○ Work with the creative team to update the Nisolo brand page on a seasonal basis (similar cadence to

● Zappos:

○ Work closely with Zappos to optimize Nisolo’s brand page and PDPs on a seasonal basis.

○ Provide assets, sustainability updates, and key brand differentiators to the Zappos team to ensure we’re top of mind for sustainable footwear and accessory marketing opportunities.

○ Work closely with the Merchandising team to review Zappos S/T for proper inventory planning/restocking.

● Third-Party Partners:

○ Optimize integrated partners (via Honeycomb) as a low effort, medium to high impact opportunity.

○ Create and implement sale strategy for the integrated partner (independent of’s standing promotional activity)

● Build a reporting structure to showcase KPIs and opportunities for growth across each marketplace.

● Align cross-functionally to ensure product assortment, IMU, and brand partners are in line with Nisolo’s high-level objectives.

● Research additional domestic third-party marketplaces that are in line with Nisolo’s strategic objectives.

● Research and successfully implement an international marketplaces strategy (i.e. Alibaba, Rakuten, eBay).


About Nisolo

Nisolo is a sustainable fashion e-commerce brand made up of smart, creative, and thoughtful people who are passionate about using their work as a force for good. We are working together to grow a household name brand and push the fashion industry in a more sustainable direction.