Job Overview

Job Description:

Manages associates in multi-faceted environment which includes activities such as inbound, stocking, picking, packing, inventory, shipping, and return processing.
Manages daily workload and assigns productivity goals based on customer’s demands.
Maintains associate relations through regular department or pre- shift meetings; maintains on-going interaction; keeps open communication channels with associates by answering questions and explaining policies and procedures; monitors associate morale; and submits and respond to ideas to improve associate engagement and enablement.
Ensures Delivery Associate compliance with local, state and federal regulatory agencies (i.e. DOT, OSHA, etc.) and ensures that electronic logs are kept current and accurate.
Supervises labor hours and consumable supplies within budget. Prepares work schedules including extra work days and shifts as needed.
Interprets trains and consistently enforces Company policies and procedures.
Coordinates efforts with Safety department to aid in training, conducting associate observations, up-dating preferred work methods, conducting accident investigations to determine root causes, and routine safety inspections. Makes recommendations for disciplinary action and/or behavior modification where required.
Performs management functions of staff selection, development, discipline, performance reviews and/or terminations.
Provides teammate training, coaching and development
Monitors department performance through performance metrics
Forecasts warehouse part-time and temporary staffing to match the demands of the outbound department
Manages temporary staff usage and performance
Supervises and ensure efficiency across entire Operations (inbound/outbound) Department
Ensures stacks are built to code
Oversees that shipping area is optimized for work space
Ensures outbound trucks are filled to as much capacity as possible
Approves shipping plans
Process Fishbowl Transfer orders
Executes oversize orders and 3PL picks
Ensures cartons are labeled properly and pallets are built to outlined specifications
Ensures compliance with safety codes, policies, and procedures according to Juvo+ and OSHA regulations
Regularly audits quality of production to safeguard best shipping practices
Schedules freight for standard, oversize and 3PL deliveries
Keeps track of standard and oversize deliveries to Amazon
Prepares finished loads for shipment, including labeling, staging, and record-keeping
Prepares shipping documents for outbound shipments and check accuracy
Keeps warehouse/dock areas neatly organized and clean
Ensures all equipment and systems are properly maintained and inspection practices are followed
Ensures compliance with safety codes, policies, and procedures of the Company and standards established by Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA)